Performance Sock
The usage of compression products has risen markedly over the last 5 years. More and more sports have adopted these kinds of products, and it is now not uncommon to see various kinds of compression products on badminton players, runners, triathletes, football players and handball player.
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Flying footballer
It is a requirement that you use shin guards when playing mathces, and the referee can actually refuse to let you play if you are not wearing shin guards. There is also the requirements for your guards, that they must be made of, for the purpose, appropriate materials and provide reasonable protection.
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Liiteguard is not just for the pros. All footballers can benefit greatly from our performance kit. Whether you're playing series 5 or in the Superliga, you can experience convulsions, muscle tenderness, and Achilles tendon pain, just as the annoyance of having to use shin guards is not just for the pros.

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