What is sensory feedback?

By: Nicklas Falkesgaard Pedersen, Physiotherapist at Protreatment

Sensory feedback is an umbrella term for all the stimulus we receive in our body and make our brain aware of our body. Therefore, we use and need these stimuli to ensure that our brains can register and perceive our bodies. The sensory feedback is crucial to our ability to use and navigate our body.

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Jakob Poulsen
Jakob Poulsen started playing football at 5 years old in Næsbjerg and stayed there until he, as a second year under-17 player, left for Esbjerg FB. He gained his Superliga debut in Esbjerg FB in 2004, where he helped secure third place, and the bronze medal. In 2006 he was sold to SC Heerenveen in Holland, he was based here until 2008 where he hereafter switched to AGF. In 2010 he made the switch to FCM, and has been here ever since, with the exception of the 18 months from 2012 to January 2014 where he played at AS Monaco.
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Thomas Sørensen - Medejer
Thomas Sørensen was born and grew up in Fredericia. He has played 17 years in the Premier League, where it has come to 171 matches for Sunderland, 139 matches for Aston Villa and 97 matches for Stoke City. In addition, he has played 101 National Team matches, and has been in four final rounds. He currently plays in Melbourne City.
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Performance Sock
The usage of compression products has risen markedly over the last 5 years. More and more sports have adopted these kinds of products, and it is now not uncommon to see various kinds of compression products on badminton players, runners, triathletes, football players and handball player.
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