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Article: Why use compression socks?

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Why use compression socks?

The usage of compression products has increased markedly over the last 5 years. More and more sports have embraced the products, and it is now not uncommon to see various types of compression products on badminton players, runners, triathletes, soccer players and handball players. The most frequent product used is compression socks or sleeves. With the increasing number of players using these products, is it relevant to look at what it is compression products can do? Compression products can improve the vein pump function, so the blood is more easily returned to the heart. This feature is the reason why hospital services have used support socks for many years before  compression products found their way to the world of sports. The use in the healthcare system also formed the background for compression products to enter the world of sport, as there was an expectation that the improved vein pumping function could allow muscles to receive oxygen and nutrients from the blood more quickly and at the same time quicken the removal of organic waste and lactic acid from the muscles. But theory is one thing, practice is something else. Only a few studies have been made about compression products in sports, and it has not been conclusively proven that the use of compression products increases your ability to perform, which should otherwise be assumed if better vein pump function should give better nourishment to the muscles. Many of these studies are made in laboratories and there are only a few field studies. However, there are a few of these field studies that are thought to be able to demonstrate a positive effect on performance.

If there is no clear evidence that compression products can increase my performance, why should I use them?

This is because there is a clear predominance of studies which show compression products to give less lactic acid accumulation in the muscles after physical activity. In addition, a multitude of studies show the products can reduce the microtrauma which occurs in the muscles during physical activity, as the compression reduces the harmful vibrations in the muscle tissue. This causes a reduced muscle stiffness and pain after exercise.

Overall, this means that you recover faster and can perform again quicker if you use compression products!

The use of compression products has increased significantly over the last 5 years. More and more sports have taken in the products and it is not uncommon to see various types of compression products worn by badminton players, runners, triathletes, soccer players and handball players.

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