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Article: Meet goalkeeper Thomas Sørensen

Thomas Sørensen - Medejer

Meet goalkeeper Thomas Sørensen

Brief introduction

Thomas Sørensen was born and grew up in Fredericia. He has played 17 years in the Premier League, where it has come to 171 matches for Sunderland, 139 matches for Aston Villa and 97 matches for Stoke City. In addition, he has played 101 matches for the Danish National team, and has participated in four final rounds. He currently plays in Melbourne City. We have chosen to take a little chat with Thomas about his career and his thoughts about Liiteguard .

Your greatest experiences in the Premier League?

Playing in the world's best league is an experience in itself. The many well-known stadiums, the clubs and then of course the players. I have had the challenge of playing against Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Thierry Henry and David Beckham. Fortunately not at the same time ;-) The single greatest experience is certainly my save of Alan Shearer's penalty kick in the local match against Newcastle. We won the battle 2-1, and it made me a folk hero in Sunderland forever. Nice memory.

Your biggest disappointment in the Premier League?

It was to lose the FA Cup final in 2011 against Manchester City. I was so close to one of the greatest triumphs in my careers and yet so far from it. It was tough to swallow.

Your biggest experiences on the Danish National team?

My debut against Israel in a filled park will always stand as the greatest. We qualified ourselves for the EM 2000 and my boyhood dream was fulfilled. I replaced Peter Schmeichel after 13 minutes and got a huge applause when I ran on the pitch. Huge.

Your biggest disappointment on the Danish National team?

It was the 1/8 final against England at the World Cup 2002. We lost 0-3 and I didn't have the best day. Before that match, we had played really well and, among other things beaten the world champions from France out of the tournament. Therefore, the disappointment was even greater.

Why have you chosen to become part of Liiteguard ?

When competing at the highest level, you are always looking for things that can improve performance. Liiteguard has created a quality sock that really optimizes my time on the training course. I experience less soreness and better stability when I work. At the same time, it is an ingenious solution with the moldable shin guard and pocket. After trying the sock, I was sold.

How has "the optimum performance lies in the details" been reflected in your career?

I was not the greatest talent as a child. Therefore, throughout my career I have always worked very hard and purposefully, and always searched for things that could give me an advantage. My focus on the small details of, for example, my diet, in training and the restitution, is undoubtedly the secret of my success.

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