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Article: Liiteguard collaborates with series Club

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Liiteguard collaborates with series Club

Liiteguard is not just for the pros. All footballers can benefit greatly from our performance kit. Whether you play Series 5 or in the Super League, you may experience cramps, muscle soreness and Achilles tendon pain, just like the irritation of having to use shin guards is not just reserved for the pros. Liiteguard has therefore collaborated with the football club Aarhus Black Vipers, which will use our performance kit as their match sock. Aarhus Black Vipers has a team in series 4, and the players have just started on the preparations for the new season. A start up can be tough, especially after a break where you might not have trained as much as you should. We hope that our performance kits can help minimize the nuisances that can occur when the body needs to get used to playing football again. We have chosen to cooperate with the Aarhus Black Vipers, as it is a club founded and driven by enthusiasts, where the joy of football and the team spirit comes together. It is a bunch of players who love to play football and enter the field to win, but equally important is the social connections before and after matches and training. In short; A series of club, as it should be. We wish Aarhus blackvipers good luck with the season and we will follow them closely. You can read more about the club here: AB-Vipers P.S hos Liiteguard har vi selvfølgelig en forventning om at klubben er at finde i superligaen i 2025

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