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Keep your pace!

Stop the big oscillations in your pace. The Graduated Compression I SHIN-TECH keep your legs in optimal shape, even on the last kilometres.

Get off to a good start

Whether you are new or a seasoned runner, new training sessions mean new loads. With compression stockings you can compensate for the overloads that can occur with harder training. So you can run without getting knocked out.

Always ready for the next run

Don't hold back because the legs are too heavy for the next run. Graduated compression has a beneficial effect before, during and after your race, so you can run as many tours as you like.

Compression that doesn't feel like compression

You can get all the benefits from compression almost completely without it noticing it. SHIN-TECH running stocking is made of such a fine material that the medical Class II compression in the fabric does not feel uncomfortable and restrictive.

Leon Kofoed

OCR World Champion

Camilla Lykke

AG Lanzarote Iron Man winner

Bouchra Lundgren

Ultra Runner 300+ Marathons

Argh! It sucks...

... to sit at home when 'everyone else' is out and running the city thin.

You have been able to experience one or more of the problems below as a runner. Otherwise, you will most likely come to it if you do nothing about it.

Reduce shin splints

Give yourself the optimal conditions to combat tibia inflammation. In Liiteguards SHIN-TECH innovative technology has been developed specifically for this.

Reduce Achilles tendonitis

When you run on different surfaces of varying hardness, you are extra prone to Achilles tendonitis. Therefore, we have made a reinforcement in the compression that reduces pain and swelling.

Reduce blisters

With the new grip technology and sweat-wicking material, you reduce the risk of blisters.

The discomfort of a blister causes many runners to inappropriately change their running style and therefore overload the body in an unfamiliar way.

Reduce the risk of cramps

The graduated compression helps increase circulation and oxygenation of the blood. This helps to minimize the risk of cramp during your run

Reduce the risk of runner's toes

On the long trips, many runners bump their toes against the snout of their running shoes. Therefore, compression stockings from Liiteguard equipped with grip technology to minimize the amount of slip in the shoe.

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Much more than just running socks!

With our 3 innovative running socks, you get perhaps the most advanced running socks on the market, as all the socks have not compromised on the number of functions and the quality of them.

Medically approved compression

In Liiteguards SHIN-TECH And PRO-TECH socks we use the latest techniques inside for compression technology. This means that they are knitted as graduated compression within medical class II.

This type of compression has an incomlifying effect on vein pump function. This means that it increases blood circulation and helps to oxidise the blood and get waste sensier softened out of the muscles.

Compression as a whole also has the effect that muscles become hot faster during activity which helps prevent damage.

In addition, in the products you will find an extra compression located at Achillestendenen. This reinforcement is designed to alleviate the vibrations that will occur in the tendon during activity. These vibrations create microtrauma in achilles tendon, and are one of the major factors in soreness and Achilles tendons occur. Therefore, reducing vibrationis also inhibited the injury-provoking water retentions at Achilles.

Cutting-edge shin technology

On the inside of the sock, on both sides of the shin, there is a dotted silicone coating, which is located in the areas where you experience pain if you suffer from shin splints. The silicone is designed to stimulate the muscles and tendons that sit close to the shin, thereby alleviating the pain that can come in connection with running activity. The pain experienced by the inflammation of the shin will typically be the worst in the landing phase when running, and especially if you run on hard surfaces. The compression in the sock can reduce the vibrations in the tissue, which can also have a positive effect on the pain in the lower leg.

If you suffer from the inflammation of the shin, you will typically find that the impact during the run gives a pain reaction, and the local stimulation of the muscles and tendons, coupled with the compression, which reduces vibrations in the tissue, can remedy this.

Innovative ankle technology

To combat ankle injuries, there are two factors that are important. One is mechanical support, the other is sensory feedback.

Mechanical support is available in all compression products from Liiteguard . The aid itself comes from the textile and the pressure it poses on the ankle. This provides an added security and stability when you get out into outer positions. 

We have in our Pro-Tech sock Tried to increase the sensory feedback you get around your ankle, via the technology built into the sock. Through local tightness and small stimulations from the inner silicone, we want to increase sensory inputSo that your brain has the best conditions for performing an action. Specifically, we want to increase your chances of protecting your ankle when you train, As the increased sensory feedback gives you a better feeling of your footjob. Especially if it is on its way in an outside position which can potentially be harmful.

Non-slip sole and moisture wicking material

In all Liiteguard's products you will find a non-slip sole to ensure an optimal grip in your football boots. 

The sole has a punctuated silicone coating. This makes a friction created with the sole in the boot, which makes you better fixed, providing better contact with boot and underlay.

The socks are also made of a material that transports sweat faster away from the skin than cotton, which is in many normal football socks. This makes your foot kept more dry, and combined with the silicone coating, this minimizes the risk of blisters significantly.