Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper SORT
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper SORT
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper SORT
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper SORT


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Shin-Tech Running

Long compression sock that wraps around your foot and prevents injuries.

Get the most out of your running - without pain and irritations. The sock is developed with extra support in and around the Achilles tendon, to reduce hard shocks and vibrations during each step.

The perfect running sock

Shin-Tech is a long compression sock, which is ideal for running and sports where a lot of the work is done on the forefoot. Shin-Tech is woven with a technique that makes the sock extremely thin. This technique is specially selected so you feel the sock less while the effects of the compression remains.

Protects against shin splints

The sock is equipped with a new and innovative silicone pattern, which is strategically placed along the shin. The silicone creates a better blood flow in the leg, and stimulates crucial trigger points in the shin with the primary purpose of reducing your risk of shin splints.

The sock

The sock is a compression sock which increases circulation in the lower leg. This can relieve fatigue and reduce discomfort during and after strenuous physical activity. The weaving technique used is the latest on the market, and ensures that the sock provides maximum support around the foot, ankle and shin, so you get the comfort you need to be able to perform your best.

Achilles tendon compression

The sock is designed to support your Achilles tendon, which is exposed to constant vibrations during physical activity. Increased compression directly on the Achilles tendon reduces pain during and after your activity, while preventing possible swelling.

Arch tendon support

On the inside of the sock there is a reinforcement in the material which runs behind the ankle knuckle and down to the inside of the midfoot.
The purpose of this reinforcement is to support the inside of the arch, and lessen pronation during running. Excessive pronation stresses the ligaments and muscles that stabilize your foot - a well-known cause of pain in foot, ankle, lower leg and/or knee during running activity.

Focus on shin pain

The inside of the sock is on both sides of the shin equipped with a point-of-point silicone coating, which is located in the areas where you experience pain if you suffer from shin splints. The silicone is placed there to stimulate the muscles and tendons close to the tibia and thereby relieve pain that may occur during running activities. The pain experienced by shin splints will typically be worst in the landing phase during running, especially on hard surfaces.
The combination of focused stimulation and compression in the sock reduces the vibrations in the tissue, which has a positive effect on the pain in the lower leg.

Anti-slip sole

The sole of the SHIN-TECH sock is designed with a point-by-point silicone coating that extends over the entire sole of the foot. The placement of the silicone creates a friction with the sole of your footwear, which ensures better contact with both footwear and the surface.

The sock is made of a moisture wicking material - a material that, in addition to sublime comfort, transports sweat faster away from the skin than ordinary cotton. Your foot is kept dry, and combined with the anti-slip sole, the risk of blisters is minimized.

  • Gradual compression, which ensures optimal blood flow

  • Anatomical fit, designed to along the shape of the foot

  • Achilles tendon compression, which helps reduce pain and inflammation in the tendon during and after activity

  • Anti-slip sole which ensures you a better grip in your shoe

  • Moisture wicking fabric which ensures an optimal transport of sweat

  • Increased restitution helps your legs after activity
  • Shin technology which helps reduce pains in the lower leg and minimizes the risk of shin splints
  • Mechanical support to prevent and reduce ankle related injuries

  • Can be tumble dried

  • Care instructions: pro-tech carelabels

Designed specifically

To prevent shin splints

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Carsten Toft
De bedste strømper

Løber efter at have købt jeres strømper kun i disse. 100% de bedste på markede

Fantastiske SHIN-TECH strømper

Jeg har haft store problemer med skinnebensbetændelse i flere år, men SHIN-TECH teknologien afhjælper smerterne og forhindrer udbrud med betændelse. Jeg kan i høj grad anbefale andre med samme problem at afprøve strømperne.

Dorthe Stjerne
VB Strømper.

Verdens bedste strømper! Som gammel håndboldspiller, og dertil mange skader så er de strømper et uundværligt udstyr til mine løbeture.