A selection of Liiteguard's products are CE marked, meaning it is medically approved.
This means that our products meet the environmental, health and safety requirements.




Liiteguard's socks are compression products, and there are a number of studies which demonstrate a positive effect on restitution in relation to DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), if you use compression products during or right after training and matches. 

The compression strength of our products is continuously tested and validated by our supplier, and is in compression Class 2, which means that all of our socks are within the framework of compression socks with medically documented effect.  


Many athletes will experience twists in their ankles. In the rehabilitation phase, proprioception training will be important when it comes to rehabilitating ankle stability. This is particularly true for athletes with previous ankle-twists. In Liiteguards Pro-Tech Socks, silicone is inserted around the ankle in a few ways to increase the proprioceptive feedback. Thus, the Pro-Tech sock can help increase the proprioceptive input and thus increase ankle stability.

Kasper S. Gravesen -

The support around the Achilles tendon is particularly advantageous for those who are suffering with sore and/or tense Achilles tendons during and after training, as it may dampen some of the shocks that come in the Achilles tendon during running, especially if it takes place on hard ground. At the same time, the compression can alleviate the swelling that may come due to physical activity.

Benno Gøttsche - Physiotherapist and partner in Protreatment



Extra Achilles Tendon Compression

Liiteguard Performance Sock also has an additional compression around the Achilles tendon, which in studies has shown to have an effect on Achilles tendon pain

The Liiteguard Performance Sock is made for footballers, and has a built-in pocket for the shin guard. This pocket allows the shin guard to remain stable during matches and training, without the use of tape. This prevents circular tightening/pinching due to the use of adhesive tape, and ensures that there are no localized restrictions of blood vessels and nerves during activity.