Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper HVID
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper HVID
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper HVID
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH RUNNING Strømper HVID


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The running sock is a compression sock. The compression increases the circulation in the lower leg, and can alleviate fatigue and reduce the discomfort of the lower leg during and after hard physical activity. The weaving technique used in the sock is the latest on the market and ensures that the sock provides maximum support around the foot ankle and tibia, and thus the comfort you need to be able to perform your best.See how to put the sock on here

There is a reinforcement by the Achilles Tendon where there is increased compression. Studies have shown compression applied directly on the Achilles Tendon can alleviate pain during and after activity, related to the Achilles tendon. The compression prevents the Achilles Tendon from swelling, and also provides a support that protects against the constant vibrations experienced in the tendon during activity.

On the inside of the sock there is a reinforcement in the material, which runs behind the ankle knuckle and down to the inside of the midfoot. The purpose of this reinforcement is to support the inside of the arch, and alleviate the pronation of the foot during running. Too much pronation is a commonly known cause of pain in the foot, ankle, lower leg and/or knees during running activity.

On the inside of the sock, on both sides of the shin, there is a dotted silicone coating, which is located in the areas where you experience pain if you suffer from shin splints. The silicone is designed to stimulate the muscles and tendons that sit close to the shin, thereby alleviating the pain that can come in connection with running activity. The pain experienced by the inflammation of the shin will typically be the worst in the landing phase when running, and especially if you run on hard surfaces. The compression in the sock can reduce the vibrations in the tissue, which can also have a positive effect on the pain in the lower leg.

If you suffer from the inflammation of the shin, you will typically find that the impact during the run gives a pain reaction, and the local stimulation of the muscles and tendons, coupled with the compression, which reduces vibrations in the tissue, can remedy this.

The sole has a dotted silicone coating that extends from the front foot to the back of the heel. This creates friction with the sole in the shoe, which makes your grip in the shoe more solid, providing better contact to shoe and surface. The sock itself is made from a material called SoftAir Plus, which transports sweat faster away from the skin than cotton or other synthetic materials. This keeps your foot drier, and combined with the silicone coating, minimizes the risk of blisters.

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To prevent shin splints

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