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Win important seconds

No matter how much you run, kick and tackle, the unique shin guard will stay in place without the use of sock tape. So you can always be ready for the next duel!

Be crucial in all 90 minutes

You can keep the energy level up. So you can be ready to decide the match, even in the last dying minutes.

The feeling of playing without shin guards

Get rid of shin guards that distract you during a match. Liiteguards shin guards are molded precisely to the dimensions of your legs, so you entirely forget that you are using them.

Get the most out of your boots

You get the feeling of being able to use every single percent of your boots, thanks to the perfect fit in the medically approved football sock

Be ready for ALL matches

Improve your stamina to the entire season instead of only some of it. Do what you love the most. Play in all matches during the season instead of only some.


Is it worth it to be injured?

Injuries can determine whether or not you can unlock your full potential, and reach the goals you have set.

Because an injury reduces the hours you use on the pitch, where you could use your time to work towards your goals.

Reduce ankle injuries

Are you among the 20% of all football players who have experienced an ankle injury?

Then you know, it takes two thing to reduce the risk that it happens again. Both elements have been focus areas in the developments of products in Liiteguard.

Reduce Achilles injuries

With our innovative Achilles technologie we give you the optimal circumstances to avoid Achilles tendonitis

Reduce blisters

With the new grip technology you reduce the risk of blisters. Being uncomfortable because of a blister makes many football players detrimentally change their posture and as a result overload their body in new ways.

Reduce the risk of injuries in the first 20 minutes

Did you know, that you are at a higher risk of injury in the first 20 minutes of a match? With the medically approved compression in Liiteguards products you ensure better warmth in the muscles during your warm up.

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Far more than just a football sock!

You get the possibility to have 2 unique football socks, which are specially designed to optimize your game on the pitch.

Medically approved compression

In Liiteguards Performance and Pro-Tech socks we use the newest techniques for compression technology. This means they are woven as graduated compression in medical class II.

This type of compression has an empowering effect on valve pump functions. This means an increase in blood cirkulation and helps getting oxygen in the blood as well as getting rid of waste materials from the muscles faster.

Compression overall also has the effect, that muscles will warm up faster during activity, which is a part in reducing injuries.

Aside from that you will an extra compression placed by the Achilles Tendon in the products.

This reinforcement is designed to help alleviate the vibrations which will occur during activity. These vibrations cause micro trauma in the Achilles tendon, and is one the major causes of soreness and Achilles tendonitis. By reducing the vibrations, the injury provoking liquid build up by the Achilles Tendon is also lessened.

Innovative ankle technology

To combat ankle injuries, there are two factors that are important. One is mechanical support, the other is sensory feedback.

Mechanical support is available in all compression products from Liiteguard . The aid itself comes from the textile and the pressure it poses on the ankle. This provides an added security and stability when you get out into outer positions. 

We have in our Pro-Tech sock Tried to increase the sensory feedback you get around your ankle, via the technology built into the sock. Through local tightness and small stimulations from the inner silicone, we want to increase sensory inputSo that your brain has the best conditions for performing an action. Specifically, we want to increase your chances of protecting your ankle when you train, As the increased sensory feedback gives you a better feeling of your footjob. Especially if it is on its way in an outside position which can potentially be harmful.

Non-slip sole and moisture wicking material

In all Liiteguard's products you will find a non-slip sole to ensure an optimal grip in your football boots. 

The sole has a punctuated silicone coating. This makes a friction created with the sole in the boot, which makes you better fixed, providing better contact with boot and underlay.

The socks are also made of a material that transports sweat faster away from the skin than cotton, which is in many normal football socks. This makes your foot kept more dry, and combined with the silicone coating, this minimizes the risk of blisters significantly.

Unique shin guard and pocket

We have in Liiteguard developed a shin guard you barely feel to wear. The rail shapes yourself according to your own leg and at only 75 grams it is one of the lightest on the market.

The unique shin guard is made in a patented material. The innovative material becomes combustible already at 62 degrees, which means that the leg rail can be shaped after seconds. You can then shape a shin guard that uniquely matches the dimensions of your tibia

The sock is equipped with an inner pocket that keeps your shin guard in place without the use of sock tape or underwrap. The pocket has a lower limit, which makes your shin guard will never slip down. At the same time, the general compression in the sock makes the shin guards stable, no matter how much you run, kick and tackle.