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Tights - Women

Liiteguard’s women’s tights guarantee supreme comfort, getting you out and home safely. Our running tights can be used for many sports and are designed to give you flexible tights that stay put.

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Liiteguard GLU-TECH LONG (Women) Long tights BLACKLiiteguard GLU-TECH LONG (Women) Long tights BLACK
Sale price€80,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Women) Short tights BLACKLiiteguard GLU-TECH (Women) Short tights BLACK
GLU-TECH (Women)
Sale price€67,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH INNER TIGHT (Women) Compression tights BLUELiiteguard GLU-TECH INNER TIGHT (Women) Compression tights BLUE
Sale price€53,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH HOT (Women) Long tights BLACKLiiteguard GLU-TECH HOT (Women) Long tights BLACK
Sale price€93,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH TRAINING (Women) Long tightsLiiteguard GLU-TECH TRAINING (Women) Long tights
Sale price€80,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH INFINITY (Women) Short tights BLACKLiiteguard GLU-TECH INFINITY (Women) Short tights BLACK
Sale price€95,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH 2in1 SHORTS (Women) Shorts BLACKLiiteguard GLU-TECH 2in1 SHORTS (Women) Shorts BLACK
GLU-TECH 2in1 SHORTS (Women)
Sale price€61,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH INNER TIGHT (Women) Compression tights WHITELiiteguard GLU-TECH INNER TIGHT (Women) Compression tights WHITE
Sale price€53,00
Liiteguard GLU-TECH INNER TIGHT (Women) Compression tights BLACKLiiteguard GLU-TECH INNER TIGHT (Women) Compression tights BLACK
Sale price€53,00

Running tights for women who want the best comfort and to perform at their best

You will find our women’s tights in both short and long models, so you can enjoy our high-quality gear whatever the season. There are some small differences across our models, but common to all is our strong focus on durable material and quality.

Our running tights are available as

  • GLU-TECH LONG - women's full-length running tights
  • GLU-TECH - short women’s running tights
  • GLU-TECH INFINITY - women’s short running tights with extra comfort and compression, as well as grip cuff functionality


For many, choosing the right pair of running tights can be a challenge. At Liiteguard, we have made the choice easy for those who do not compromise on quality, comfort or sustainability. In developing our Liiteguard tights for women, we have focused on 8 functions that ensure improved performance and will get you out and home safely.

Help your body be at its best, so it can help you on your way

Our innovative elastic, sewn into the lumbar, hip and buttock area, is designed to support you during your training. The elastic activates and supports your muscle groups, joints and tendons, optimising your stability in target areas. Many knee and foot injuries stem from a lack of support in these areas. With Liiteguard’s women's tights, you get support from head to toe.

Ultimate comfort, and tights that stay put

You will experience exceptional support with our innovative elastic and with our four-way stretch fabric. Four-way stretch tights give you the perfect fit and stimulate blood flow. The compression helps you get through your training and ensures faster recovery. Made with close-fitting and supportive material, you can effortlessly run those extra miles.

Flat seams that you will not feel during training

Our tights are sewn with flat seams that optimise comfort and reduce irritation from the seams against your skin. Flat seams also help create more durable tights, so all you have to focus on is your training.

Extra compression

With GLU-TECH infinity running tights, you get a pair of short tights with extra compression that can reduce muscle fatigue, and injury risk and improve your performance. We're with you every step of the way when you choose Liiteguard’s women’s tights.

Grip cuffs

Our GLU-TECH infinity tights are designed with free-cut leg cuffs and strategically-placed silicone elements, ensuring an even tighter, more durable fit - no matter the sport.

We care about your safety when developing our tights and products

Our GLU-TECH running tights are equipped with carbon reflectors on both thighs and calves, so you can be seen in traffic, giving you the freedom to run day or night.

Keep your body temperature stable

High-quality sweat-wicking fabric is essential when you're performing at your best. In the production of our tights, we use a material that quickly and safely transports sweat to the outside of the fabric so it can easily evaporate, keeping you dry. A place for your safety essentials in your running tights from Liiteguard We have designed our women’s running tights with two discreet and close-fitting pockets. You can easily and safely carry your phone, keys or energy gel with you during your training. The pockets secure your belongings, while also ensuring a no-slip experience in your running tights.

Your running tights help support a better environment

At Liiteguard, we aim to be leaders when it comes to our environmental practices. Our running tights are produced with 75% recycled materials from bottles and fishnets collected from the sea. Plastic is crushed and melted and turned into thin nylon, which we use to weave our women’s tights. In our running tight production, we focus on using existing materials to minimise the load on the environment. As well as helping to reduce resource use, when you purchase Liiteguard’s women's tights, you also help to rebuild the world's most vulnerable forests. For every pair of running tights we sell, we plant a tree in partnership with the nonprofit organisation OneTreePlanted to rebuild the world's wildlife.


Thank you for buying Liiteguard’s tights for women.