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​​Running tights are essential gear for all of your runs. Our running tights are designed in close-fitting and supportive materials and developed with innovative technologies that take your performance to the next level.

Running tights for men who want to perform at their best every time

Our men’s tights are available in both short and long models, so you can use them whatever the season. Liiteguard’s running tights are available for both men and women and are developed with the same focus on sustainable materials and high quality. Our men's running tights are designed with a fleece pad in the crotch to avoid irritation and chafing, giving you the best running experience.

Our running tights are available as

  • GLU-TECH LONG - men’s full-length running tights
  • GLU-TECH - short men’s running tights
  • GLU-TECH INFINITY - men’s short running tights with extra comfort and compression, as well as grip cuff functionality

Functional running tights

What all our running tights from Liiteguard have in common is that they are all designed to support your body optimally. We outline the 8 key features that you will always find in our tights.

Flat seams

In our GLU-TECH running tights, we use flat seams to minimise possible irritation of the skin. The flat seams also ensure that the fit is long-lasting. We have created running tights that are more durable than others on the market.

Sweat-wicking material that keeps your body at an optimal temperature

We develop our products to provide the highest comfort levels. Our running tights are developed in high-quality sweat-wicking material, ensuring that sweat is quickly transported to the outside of the fabric, keeping your legs dry and comfortable. With the fabric's fast sweat transportation, your core body temperature is stable throughout training.

Running tights that support you all the way

All of our running tights are designed with our innovative elastic in the hip, lower back and glute area to activate the muscle groups optimally. The elastic in our running tights stabilises your hips. By activating muscle groups, our running tights help prevent knee and foot injuries that often stem from a lack of support in the area.

Tight fit and unique four-way stretch design

When you buy your men's running tights from Liiteguard, you'll get a great-looking material woven from four-way stretch nylon fabric. The weave gives optimal comfort, providing a close fit, and staying put, while giving you unrestricted freedom of movement.

Running tights you won't want to take off

Our tights have a compressive effect that stimulates blood flow and helps your body recover faster.

Discreet pockets in your running tights so you can safely carry your phone or energy gel with you

Our running tights for men are designed with two discreet and flexible pockets that fit snugly around your belongings. You can safely carry your phone, keys or energy gel when you choose running tights from Liiteguard.

Grip cuff - extra compression and a perfect fit

Our men’s GLU-TECH infinity short running tights feature a free-cut leg closure with strategically-placed silicone elements that give you extra compression as well as a snug close fit, no matter what sport you're playing.

Environmentally-sustainable running tights - men's running tights in eco-friendly material

At Liiteguard, we are committed to making “sustainability” and the “clothing industry” two concepts that make sense together. When you buy your running tights from Liiteguard, you are contributing to better environmental practices. Our running tights are made from sustainable materials and consist of 75% recycled plastic, which is crushed and remelted into a nylon thread. It is then tested to ensure no harmful materials remain in the fabric. In addition to our focus on using pre-existing materials in our production, the recycled material is also tremendously durable compared to other running tights that are often produced in cotton. The life of our running tights is longer.

Liiteguard is committed to giving back to nature

For every pair of running tights we sell, we work with the non-profit organisation OneTreePlanted to ensure that a new tree is planted in one of the world's most endangered forest areas.

Thank you for buying your men's and women's running tights at Liiteguard

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