Team sport - Women

Socks, tights and sleeves that can optimize your performance

Women’s team sports products

Liiteguard is based on passion and the ambition to create the best sportswear, delivering on what we promise. With elite sports experience and professional expertise, we know about all pain and injury issues that can halt dreams of big sporting goals. And we know what quality sportswear is. We've developed a range of unique team sports products to help you, as a female athlete, perform at your best during training or competition. We put athletes' well-being first. Knowing the issues and needs of athletes, we have created functional sportswear, considering the fine details.

PERFORMANCE compression sock - for the footballer

Developed for the football player who wants a multi-feature, high-performance sock. Designed with graduated compression and an internal pocket for our mouldable leg brace. Equipped with anti-slip studs under the sole to ensure a firm grip in the boot during direction changes.

PERFORMANCE SLEEVE - for footballers

PERFORMANCE compression sleeve designed for footballers who demand more from their equipment. The compression sleeve is designed with graduated compression and an internal pocket for our moldable shin pad. Read more here:

GLU-TECH INNERTIGHT - for sports with explosive direction changes

Our inner tights warm up your muscles rapidly, so they're ready to perform at their best - from start to finish. The tights are developed with 3 materials, each of which has important functions for the athlete who plays sports with explosive direction changes.

30 Day Satisfaction guarantee

When you shop at Liiteguard’s website you get free shipping and free returns. Plus, Liiteguard offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on items purchased from Liiteguard, so you can order your team products and try them for 30 days.