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We aim to make the best sports gear so you can get the most out of your training. We have a background in elite sports as well as physiotherapy, which means we have a wealth of professional knowledge in sports, sports-related pain, and sports injuries.

Sports equipment to take your performance to new levels

We offer various functional products aimed at team sports. Our products are so that you can perform at your best during training or during a match. Our range of sportswear for men includes socks, tights and sleeves.

Performance compression socks

Our performance socks are for football players who want a functional football sock with a built-in pocket for shin guards. The socks have graduated compression, as well as extra compression around the Achilles tendon. In addition, the sock has a silicone coating under the foot, which helps your foot to stay firmly in your boot.

Performance sleeve

The Liiteguard performance sleeve, like the performance sock, uses graduated compression to optimise blood circulation. Our sleeve also has a built-in pocket where our moldable shin guard can be placed.

GLU-TECH inner tights

We believe that our GLU-TECH inner tights are essential for team sports. Our inner tights ensure you warm up your muscles faster. Plus, our tights have an elastic waistband to stabilise the hip, reducing the risk of injury.

Need some gear for your team sports?

When you buy products from us, you get free shipping and returns. Plus, we offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so you can try out our products before deciding whether to keep them.

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