Liiteguard compression socks can make a real difference to you and your sports performance. We've developed our compression socks with a focus on giving you the experience of freedom and the ability to go the extra mile - whatever your sport.

Compression socks from Liiteguard

We've spent the last years developing the ultimate compression socks that give you unparalleled comfort - every time. In our product development, we delve into methods already in use, as well as tests and results of other products on the market. By examining existing compression socks, we ensure that we can innovate further, and develop new solutions that give you the very best conditions to reach further than you did yesterday.

Motivation comes when we deliver results - and it certainly does for you

At Liiteguard, we are driven by customer satisfaction and excellent experiences with our compression socks. Our high customer satisfaction rates speak for themselves. We know that we are making a difference in supporting athletes in achieving new goals and results. We believe that you'll get even more enjoyment when you're playing sports in our compression socks. We also believe that you take better care of your body and give yourself a balanced body, without pain or injury. Our customer satisfaction is also a daily factor for us and our future product development. We want to set new standards for our customers in what you can demand from sports equipment.

Our DNA is built on innovation, showing our customers and athletes that it is possible to aim for the highest quality, every day.

With professionals and top athletes, we thoroughly investigate the issues that often hinder athletes, whatever their level. We believe that we've developed compression socks that support and stabilise in just the right places, so you can work towards your goals. That's why our compression socks are engineered with complex technologies while providing you with a simple sports-focused solution. All you have to concentrate on is your training.

Compression socks with multiple benefits

Sustainability and the textile industry are not two words usually associated with one other. At Liiteguard, we want to change that by actively pursuing best practices. That's why we always incorporate one or more sustainable elements into our products to benefit you and the environment. For us, sustainability is also about durability, reducing overproduction and overconsumption. Our compression socks are therefore woven from a carefully selected polyester thread that is extremely durable and can withstand more than most compression socks on the market. Our durable materials mean less frequent gear replacement for the athlete. You can leave a greener footprint when you wear our compression socks.

Our compression socks have a wide range of benefits to help you through your training

Our compression socks are developed with quality at their heart but come in four different models depending on the athlete's needs. You're sure to find the model that suits you, your sport and the time of year. All of our compression socks guarantee increased blood circulation, stimulation of your muscles, decreased recovery time, reduced waste build-up and improved endurance.

Responsibility & quality

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