Socks - Men

Many people think of a compression sock for running specifically, but overlook the benefits for sports such as handball, football or Crossfit.

Socks for Men

Liiteguard's sports socks and compression socks for men are designed for those who want the best performance conditions for the sport you love. We have spent a long time on the science and examining the fine details necessary to develop the best compression socks for men. We have developed a range of medically-approved compression socks that you can use for running and other sports. Our compression socks are developed to give you the ultimate feeling of freedom, ease and comfort during your training, so you can focus on your performance. Using compression products increases your recovery, reducing fatigue and soreness after hard training. We recommend using compression socks for both running and other sports that involve high-intensity repetitive movements - especially if there are explosive changes of direction involved.

What are compression socks?

A compression sock is a short or long sock that has a gradual decrease in tightness or compression level from the foot to the top of the sock. Called “graded compression”, the greatest tightest is around the foot, gradually decreasing towards the top of the sock. The gradual decrease in compression causes blood to return more easily to the heart, increasing the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood to the muscles during physical activity.

What do compression socks do?

Compression socks for football, handball, running or other sports will help to increase blood circulation in the lower leg. Increased circulation reduces discomfort such as that from tense, sore and tired muscles during and after strenuous physical activity.

For Liiteguard's SHIN-TECH long compression socks, we have used the latest innovation in fabric technology.

Our sock provides maximum support and comfort around the foot and lower leg. Our socks also feature our innovative silicone coating, located on the inside of the sock on both sides of the shin. This special construction creates additional circulation in these areas and can be beneficial for those who suffer from or want to prevent shin splints. In addition, the sock has a special plastisol coating under the sole, which provides a better grip in your shoe and can help prevent blisters and relieve pressure on the Achilles tendon during running.

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