Sleeves - Women

Liiteguard's compression sleeves are for female athletes who want to get that extra percentage in performance when racing, training or during a match.

Sleeves for women

With graduated compression and strategically-placed silicone sleeves, Liiteguard has created a range of products that can significantly enhance performance. The products are developed with highly sweat-wicking material, helping to maintain optimal temperature during training

With our sleeves you get

  • Graduated compression
  • GLU-TECH - short running tights for women
  • Sweat-wicking material


Liiteguard's women's arm sleeves are designed for high-load, repetitive activity. The compression sleeves are designed with a silicone pattern, strategically placed on the exposed muscles of the forearms. The pattern stimulates blood flow and aims to prevent injuries such as golf and tennis elbow. The sleeve comes in packs of two, one for the right arm and one for the left arm, so you can optimise both arms.


Liiteguard has developed a unique footless leg sleeve for female football players. This means that you get all of the benefits of graduated compression, strategically-placed silicone patterning, sweat-wicking material and Liiteguard's innovative shin pocket, inside your match socks. Our sleeves also feature Achilles Compression, which can relieve pain in your Achilles tendons. And once you've washed them, just throw them in the dryer. It doesn't get easier.

Need your pair?

When you shop at, you get free shipping and free returns. Plus, Liiteguard offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on items purchased at Liiteguard’s website, so you can order your sleeves and try them for 30 days.

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