Short socks - Unisex

With our short socks, you get a stylish, breathable sock with an optimal fit.

Short compression socks from Liiteguard

The construction and material of the socks ensure optimal sweat transport. A silicone coating on the sole of the sock secures your foot’s grip in your shoe. The risk of blisters and damaged nails is reduced. Our range includes both short compression and short sports socks for both men and women.

Our short compression socks are perfect for both women and men demand the best from their sports gear. In addition to the silicone coating under the foot, the compression socks also have silicone on the inside of the foot at the ankle bone. The silicone coating helps to stimulate as well as protect the ligaments, reducing the risk of injury. The sock also has extra compression around the Achilles tendon, which helps to protect the foot during exercise.

Short sports socks

Our short sports socks are discreet yet highly functional. Our sports socks are made of breathable material and have a silicone coating under the foot, ensuring that your foot does not slip in your shoe.

Need a new pair of running socks?

Our products come with both free shipping and returns. In addition, we have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on products purchased from our web shop. You can try out our socks for up to 30 days before deciding whether you want to keep them.

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