Shin guard - Women


Liiteguard has developed women's shin pads that mould to your legs. This gives you a unique shin pad that fits your exact dimensions.

Innovative shin pads for women

Our shin pads are warmed in a heat-resistant dish with water at 62 degrees and then applied to the leg for easy shaping.

Our shin pads have the following features

  • Innovative moldable shin pad.
  • Adaptable to your shin.
  • Moldable in 62-degree water.
  • Easy to shape at home.

Need your pair of shin pads?

When you shop at Liiteguard’s website you get free shipping and free returns. Plus, Liiteguard offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on items purchased from Liiteguard, so you can order your shin guards and try them for 30 days.

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