Long socks - Men

Running, football, handball and other sports that place strain on your legs are ideal for Liiteguard's compression socks for men.

Long socks for men

Designed with graduated compression, these socks boost circulation in your lower legs to keep them fresh throughout training. Liiteguard long compression socks also feature extra compression on the Achilles tendons for support. The soles are also designed with non-slip silicone studs to keep your foot secure in your football boots and running shoes.

Our socks have the following features:

  • Graduated compression.
  • Extra compression on the Achilles tendon.
  • Non-slip soles.

Long running socks for men

Liiteguard has designed its men's long compression socks with an innovative silicone pattern on the shin, placed at the points where pain can occur during activity and in the case of possible shin inflammation. Our patterning, along with graduated compression, can reduce the vibrations in the tissue that cause pain.

Men's football socks

Liiteguard's unique men's football socks have graduated compression and an internal pocket where you can place our innovative moldable shin pads. With no need for sock tape, you will have fresher legs from the compression.

Need your pair of long socks?

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