By: Nicklas Falkesgaard Pedersen, Physiotherapist at Protreatment

The inflammation of the shin is a frequently occurring overload damage, which is particularly evident in sports with running and or jumping and is especially a problem if you are training in a hall or on other hard surfaces. Thus, it is a fairly typical overload damage among handball players.

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Achilles Pain

Pain in the Achilles tendon is a well-known phenomenon in all kinds of sports that includes a lot of activity with the weight on the front of the foot. Repeated stresses on the calf muscle can cause an overload of the Achilles tendon, which results in Achilles inflammation, or as it is better known Achilles tendinitis or tendopathy

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    Taped Ankle
    A sprained ankle is the most common injury in football, related to the lower leg. The vast majority of sprains happens on the outside of the ankle, right in front of the outer ankle knuckle. Here I will show how I usually do a standard tape of an ankle with an injury to the outer ligament.
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