Liiteguard SHORT-GRIP Strømper PINK


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The anti-slip sole has a strategically placed silicone coating, which extends from forefoot and up to the back of the heel. This creates a friction with the sole in the shoe, giving you a better grip in your running shoes, providing better contact with shoes and surface.
The silicone coating combined with the special moisture wicking properties of the material, significantly reduces your risk of getting blisters. Addtionally, the improved grip in your shoe, reduces your risk of Runner's Toes

Liiteguards Short-Grip sock is made of a moisture wicking material, which in addition to sublime comfort also ensures optimal transport of sweat. The material is 4 times as effective as regular cotton at wicking moisture, and also has the advantage of being able to be tumbledried after wash, without degradation of the properties of the material.

In addition to the moisture wicking material, we have also developed a new mesh system for the sock. The increased breathability which comes with this new mesh also reduces the risk of blisters, as these occur due to friction against the skin which can be provoked by sweat soaked materials.

Both the toe and heel caps are made of a separate material. This helps to prevent the toes from being squeezed together and rubbing against each other during activity. As well as prevent wear in these extra exposed areas.

The sock is designed to follow the shape of the foot with an extra tightness at the top to ensure, that it does not slide down. As well as reduces the risk of dirt and grime disrupting your run by getting into the sock

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