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Performance sock

Ideal football sock for the player who wants to be two steps ahead - one in front of his opponent, and another in front of injuries.

But what is a real football sock?

In Liiteguard we think your football sock has to be able to:

  • Increase your ability to perform more
  • Keep your shin guard in place - without using sock tape
  • Give you a perfect and unbothersome fit, and through that, the optimal contact with the ball
  • Reduce your risk of injuries in the Achilles tendon, calves and ankles


The world's first medically approved football sock

The innovative inner pocket which holds the shin guard in place without the use of sock tape combined with the medically approved compression, ensures you an optimal blood flow, so you can perform in even more high-intensity situations.

Functionality without compromise

The highest purpose of the sock is to help you reach your maximum level. For this we have developed five unique functions, which you can read more about under "description".


The sock

The sock is a compression sock which increases circulation in the lower leg. This can relieve fatigue and reduce discomfort during and after strenuous physical activity. The weaving technique used is the latest on the market, and ensures that the sock provides maximum support around the foot, ankle and shin, so you get the comfort you need to be able to perform your best.

Achilles tendon compression

The sock is designed to support your Achilles tendon, which is exposed to constant vibrations during physical activity. Increased compression directly on the Achilles tendon reduces pain during and after your activity, while preventing possible swelling.

Anti-slip sole

The sole of the performance sock is designed with a point-by-point silicone coating that extends from the forefoot and up to the back of the heel. The placement creates a friction with the sole in the football boot, which ensures that you have a better grip in the boot and through that, better contact with both the boot and the surface.

The sock is made of a material that transports sweat away from the skin faster than cotton or other synthetic materials. Your foot is kept dry, and combined with the silicone coating, you minimize the risk of blisters.

The Pocket

The sock is equipped with an internal pocket that holds your shin guard in place without the use of sock tape or underwrap. The pocket has a lower border, which means that your shin guard will never slide down. At the same time, the general compression in the sock ensures the shin guard stays stable no matter how much you run, kick and tackle.

  • Gradual compression, which ensures optimal blood flow

  • Built in inner pocket for your shin guards
  • Anatomical fit, designed to along the shape of the foot

  • Achilles tendon compression, which helps reduce pain and inflammation in the tendon during and after activity

  • Anti-slip sole which ensures you a better grip in your boots

  • Moisture wicking fabric which ensures an optimal transport of sweat

  • Increased restitution helps your legs after activity
  • Mechanical support to prevent and reduce ankle related injuries

  • Can be tumble dried

  • Care instructions: pro-tech carelabels

maximum power

For all 90 minutes!

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J. O.
Kan klart anbefales!

'- God betjening
- Hurtig levering
- Et godt produkt
- Dog er der et lille minus - prisen er rimelig høj, men alt i alt et produkt der kan anbefales :-D'

Peter Søndergaard
Fremragende produkt

Fremragende produkt der gør en forskel

Jacob Jørgensen
Konge strømpe

Den kan det hele, god pasform, skrid sikker og så har jeg ikke har krmoe siden jeg fik min første strømpe for over et år siden