Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black
Liiteguard GLU-TECH (Men) Tights Black


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Move in exemplary comfort with a fit that is as molded to your legs. Our Glu-Tech tights are made of a sustainable material while being stylish, comfortable and injury-preventing.

Innovative technology against knee injuries

Knee pains often originates from the hip due to lack of strength and stability, which can result in the hip becoming unstable during exercise. This instability can cause pain and injury to the hip, knee and lower leg.

Our tights are developed with a world-patented band with the purpose of giving you better stability and stronger support. The stability is important to reduce the risk of overloading in knee and foot.

Read more about the technology under "description".


The tights are produced in a sustainable OEKO-TEX-certified fabric, and consists of 75% recycled plastic extracted from the oceans. The material is extra durable and extremely resistant to wear.

In Liiteguard, we care about the environment, which is why we have entered into a collaboration with the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted, whose mission it is, to create a better climate and rebuild nature. Our collaboration means that for every pair of tights we sell, a tree is planted in vulnerable areas.

Functionality without compromise

GLU-TECH has one purpose - to help you with the extra percentages. For this we have developed 6 unique features. Read more under "description".

Increased focus on hip stability

If your muscles around the hip, especially the gluteus medius, are weak, it will affect your ability to stabilize the hip, putting an inappropriate strain on muscles, tendons and joints throughout the leg from hip to foot.

Liiteguards GLU-TECH tights have a world-patented elastic, which sits on your gluteal muscles and provides a constant pressure, to provide mechanical stability to your hip, but also to facilitate muscle activity, so you can better activate and use your gluteal muscles.

Optimal sweat transport

The moisture that sweat leaves in clothes can be a nuisance and, among other things, have a cooling effect when training in colder temperatures. It is therefore important that the sweat can get away from the skin as soon as possible, and that one's training clothes are designed to direct the sweat to the outer layer of the clothes so that it can evaporate faster, so that you can avoid subcooling.


We have designed two discreet pockets, the purpose of which is to hold the mobile phone, keys, gel and the like, without you losing it along the way. The pocket has an extra density at the top, to secure the contents.

Sublime comfort

The fabric in GLU-TECH is developed with four-way stretch, which means a tight-fitting and comfortable tight that is not difficult to get in. For this, flat seams are used throughout, as well as a fleece pillow in the crotch, which makes it comfortable to run without underwear.


Our tights are produced in a sustainable fabric, of which as much as 75% has been produced from recyclable plastic, which is extracted from the sea. In addition to recycling plastic materials, we have chosen an extra durable material that is extremely resistant to abrasion. This extends the life of our product as we do not want to encourage over-consumption.


In all GLU-TECH, you will find matte gray reflective carbon logos placed on the front and back.

The fabric in GLU-TECH is woven with a tightness that ensures that they are 100% squat proof.

  • World patented hip stabilizing technology
  • Moisture wicking fabric, to ensure you keep the optimal body temperature throughout your training session
  • Flat lock seams and a fleece insert in the crotch, ensures your tights don't chafe
  • Discreet pockets placed strategically on both thighs, so you keep your full range of movement, even if you have your phone or gels with you
  • Matte carbon reflexes on the front and back, so are visible in the dark
  • Four way stretch ensures a tight and comfortable fit
  • Fabric in 75% recycled material
  • Do not  tumble dry.
  • Care instructions: carelabel-tights


One of the most common causes of knee problems comes from the hip.

A lack of stability in the hip creates an unnecessary strain on the knees.

Our tights are developed in collaboration with professional athletes and physiotherapists, to stabilize your hip and activate your glutes.


75% of the fabric in our tights is made by recycling plastic bottles. On average that's 70 bottles pr. tight!

Customer Reviews

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Super løbetights 😉

God støtte og god pasform.
Jeg er rigtig glad for at løbe i dem, du ved ikke du har brug for dem før du har løbet med dem. Jeg skulle lige vende mig til at de sidder lidt lavere end mine alm. løbetights. Har købt både korte og lange 😉👍

Super behagelig

Et par super gode løbe bukser.
Giver god stabilitet i ryggen samt god komfort

Glu-tech men

Super lækre og virkelig støttende 🤩