Liiteguard PRO-TECH Medium socks WHITE
Liiteguard PRO-TECH Medium socks WHITE


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Get maximum support around the ankle and Achilles tendon with our mid-cut PRO-TECH compression sock. Strategically-placed silicone spots ensure an excellent grip in your shoe, helping to prevent blisters and runner’s toes. The PRO-TECH sock is perfect for sports with lots of direction changes.


Our PRO-TECH is a compression sock with graduated compression. The compression is tightest at the foot and decreases in the remaining part, so it is the least in the top. This feature ensures an optimal flow of blood back to the heart so you can perform at your best.

Ankle protection

PRO-TECH is designed with small silicone spots placed around both ankle knuckles. The location of the silicone spots covers the ligaments and ensures increased blood circulation in the area, which at the same time affects your sensory feedback. Your sensory feedback affects your responsiveness and increases your stability as well as joint control.

The silicone spots ensure that the sock fits correctly, and gives you maximum support and comfort during your entire training session or match.

Achilles tendon compression

The PRO-TECH sock has been developed with extra compression directly on the Achilles tendon to support your tendon, which is exposed to constant vibrations during physical activity.

Studies show that increased compression directly on the Achilles tendon can reduce pain during and after your activity, while preventing possible swelling.

Anti-slip sole

The sole of the PRO-TECH sock is designed with a point-by-point silicone coating that extends over the entire sole of the foot. The placement of the silicone creates a friction with the sole of your footwear, which ensures better contact with both footwear and the surface.

Moisture wicking material

The sock is made of a moisture wicking material - a material that, in addition to sublime comfort, transports sweat faster away from the skin than ordinary cotton. Your foot is kept dry, and combined with the anti-slip sole, the risk of blisters is minimized.

- Graduated compression ensuring optimal blood flow

- Anatomical fit designed to follow the shape of the foot

- Ankle protection, increasing blood circulation in the ankle region

- Achilles tendon compression, which helps reduce pain and inflammation in the tendon during and after activity

- Anti-slip sole securing your foot’s grip in your shoe

- Moisture-wicking fabric for optimal transport of sweat away from the skin

- Increased sensory feedback, helping your brain to register the movement of your body, to improve stability

- Mechanical support to prevent and reduce ankle-related injuries

- Can be tumble dried

- Care instructions: Care instructions for socks
To prevent ankle injuries

One in five sports injuries is related to the ankle. We developed our Pro-tech with the two most important elements in preventing ankle injuries - mechanical support and sensory feedback.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Steffan Todorovic
Best grip socks so far

Yes, they're more expensive. But you get what you pay for. I've tried most other decent brands and so far these are just the best. The fit is compressed, without being super tight, there are no sowings around the toes that might cause blisters and surprisingly, it's really beneficial that the grip pads are only on the outside, so that they don't rub directly onto the underside of the foot (I had this issue with Trusox). These are just all-round the best socks I've played in. I tried other 4-star rated socks, but Liiteguard absolutely obliterated them. Second to none for me so far - ultra soft, great fit and grip perfectly after 10+ washes.

Fred Corea
Very good so far

This product has been good so far


I really like that socks do not fall down and also I like the grips I really recommend these socks if you like them thin.