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Innovative hip stability

Our tights have been developed with a world patented elastic placed at your hips, giving you the optimal stability and strength in and around your hips. Excellent hip stability reduces the risk of excessive loading on both your knees and feet, and thereby injuries. For more information about hip stability, please see this blog post by physiotherapist Nicklas Falkesgaard Pedersen: Follow this link

Inner and outer pockets

In the 2in1 shorts you will not only get 2 pockets but a total of 3 pockets, where 2 of them are placed on the looser, outer shorts and the last one is placed discreetly on the inner compression tight. The two outer pockets are designed with a slight slant and depth which makes it easy for you to safely store your items in the pockets while training. The pocket on the inner tight has been made with an extra secure elastic at the top, which ensures that you can place your phone, keys or other important items safely here when training.

84% recycled fabric

We want to go the extra mile to ensure that we are not leaving a negative impact on our planet. For this reason we have developed our 2in1 shorts in 84% recycled polyester made from plastic waste found in the ocean. This is the equivalent of 70 plastic bottles.