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Low cut sports sock with a perfect fit

Allow your foot to breathe to avoid irritations in your foot. With Short-Grip, you get an optimal sports sock which is also suited for everyday use. The sock gives you fast moisture wicking capabilities, grip technology under the sole and a perfect fit.

Low sports sock with anatomical fit

Short-Grip is the perfect low cut sports sock with an optimal fit, developed with a focus on keeping your grip and reducing runner's nails and blisters. The sock's anatomical fit with an additional tightness around your ankles means that stones and gravel do not end up getting into your sock.

New mesh system

Our Short-Grip is woven with a new mesh system which opens up to the skin, while the sock continues to protect you from chafing against the shoe. The technique makes the sock extremely breathable, so the sweat is quickly transported from the foot, so you can have optimal comfort throughout your training session.