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Shin-Tech Running

Long compression sock that wraps around your foot and prevents injuries.

Get the most out of your running - without pain and irritations. The sock is developed with extra support in and around the Achilles tendon, to reduce hard shocks and vibrations during each step.

The perfect running sock

Shin-Tech is a long compression sock, which is ideal for running and sports where a lot of the work is done on the forefoot. Shin-Tech is woven with a technique that makes the sock extremely thin. This technique is specially selected so you feel the sock less while the effects of the compression remains.

Protects against shin splints

The sock is equipped with a new and innovative silicone pattern, which is strategically placed along the shin. The silicone creates a better blood flow in the leg, and stimulates crucial trigger points in the shin with the primary purpose of reducing your risk of shin splints.