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What do the pro players think?

Jakob poulsen


“"I have now played matches and trained in Liiteguard Performance Kit for 6 months and I am very satisfied. The best thing is that I don't have to use "angel skin" and tape, and that the shin guard always sits where it should be.

Morten Bech

Viborg FF

“I am extremely pleased with Liiteguard , as I get a good sock which optimizes my daily performance. At the same time, I don't slip in the boot and the shin guards are shaped after my leg, which means that at no time do I have a shin guard which irritates ".

Mikkel Andersen


"I have been extremely pleased with the effect of Liiteguard. The compression gives me a feeling of optimal support and power." In addition, the sock has alleviated sore calfs and Achilles tendons, which I always have in the beginning of a season. Super product which I can highly recommend ".

Danny Olsen

Hobro IK

"With the Liiteguard I get not only a comfortable sock, which sits well in the boot, but also gives me the support my achilles tendon needs. It is also smart in relation to the very light guard, so you don't have to use sock tape, which can cause problems for your calfs through a match. "

Jonas Damborg

Hobro IK

" Liiteguard Has been a huge positive surprise for me. The silicone under the sock gives the feeling of a better grip in the boot. Furthermore, the problem of clumsy shin guards and a lot of sock tape has been solved with Liiteguard . You get a lightweight guard that is made and fits perfectly to your leg in the built-in pocket in the sock, so the need for tape is gone. Would definitely recommend them ".

Edgar Babayan

Hobro IK

"I have always hated to play with shin guards as they are clumsy and sit unstably during a match. I have always searched for a shin guard which could sit 100% stable without the use of sock tape, and finally I have found it through liiteguards performance kit! ".

Ricki Olsen

HB Køge

"I have previously had a tendency to get cramps in my calfs in the last minutes of a match. This problem have been dealt with, with Liiteguards Compression sock in the most positive of ways. In Liiteguards performance kit I can play the full 90. minutes without problems. Furthermore, I am incredibly fond of Liiteguards custom shin guard. It is as if painted on the shin, and in that it is integrated into the sock, you hardly notice that you wear it. That I do not have to tape it, as it sits perfectly on the leg, is also a big bonus ".

Mathias Haarup

Hobro IK

"I have been very fond of Liiteguard's performance kit as I have been injured in the start-up with cramps and tension in the calf. After I have started to play with the performance kit, the irritation of my calf has lessened. Liiteguard's product has had a big impact on my injury and I have come back on the football pitch faster than expected. I can, with a good conscience, recommend LiiteGuards performance kit to all athletes with calf injuries, as the set has had a significant impact on the length of my injury period. "

Mikkel Thygesen

Roskilde FC

"After many years in the world of football, I have tried a lot of different guards with their socks, but with Liiteguard I have now found the Performance sock I've been looking for. I don't have to correct the guards during a match, they are lightweight and shaped according to my own shin. With the slip-resistant sole and the compression, I have now got a solid sock, which provides support and is now a staple of my everyday life as a football player. "

Frederikke Thøgersen

Fortuna Hjørring

“"I think it's nice that you don't feel that you have the guards on and that they always sit where they are going — even after a duel!".

Mads Hvilsom


"With the Liiteguard I am no longer using sock tape. The sock sole makes me not slide around the boot, providing a comfortable and secure feeling ".

Kjartan Finnbogason

Ferencvarosi TC

"I'm used to using socks with anti-slip, but Liiteguard beats everything else I've tried. The compression effect I also benefit from, in the daily workouts and matches. Last but not least, the fit of the moldable shin guard is Perfect ".

Frederik Møller

Silkeborg IF

"With Liteguard I get a product that meets my requirements for a sock and shine – they sit super well on the foot and the guard sits where it is to be throughout the game. Without needing to use tape or underwrap. "

Anders Egholm


"From the first time I tried the sock from Liiteguard I was in no doubt that it was the best sock I have tried in my 15 years as a professional. The sock provides a good support around the Achilles tendon and calf and fits perfectly in the boot. In addition, the solution with the guard is brilliant and I will no longer have to bother with tape and a guard that slips around and therefore must be put back in place all the time. I am very pleased with my performance kit from Liiteguard and will recommend it to my colleagues at any time. "

Emil Scheel

Viborg FF

"With the Liiteguard I've got a shin guards that I've been asking for for a long time. The individual fit gives the impression of not having guards on. I use the compression sock both before, during and after the match, as a regular compression sock, while the pocket of the socks makes the sock tape redundant. "

Martin Vingaard

Tampa Bay

"One would think it was a disadvantage to play with a sock, under your match sock, but I don't think about having it under the socks at all. At the same time, my shin guards stays perfectly without the use of tape or other materials. I have always nerded in the search of the optimal solution for my shin guards and I have found it with Liiteguard Perfomance set ".

Andre Rømer

Randers FC

"The shin guard sits very well and it stays seated. I'm used to the fact that my guards fly around the leg and that I have to correct them all the time. I'm not having to do that with Liiteguard . I do not feel that I have them on, which I absolutely cannot say about my normal shin guard. I always use boots that are a little too big, and here I can clearly feel the effect of the silicone under the bottom where I feel I am better stuck in the boot."