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Performance kit

Our performance kit is the perfect equipment for the football player, who wants to perform better than his opponent.

The little details counts - and can be deciding factors in the match. With the performance kit, you create the beste starting point for your own performance.

Loose shin guards, sock tape and other annoying elements which reduces your performance, are things of the past.

The world's first moldable shin guard

The shin guard has been developed in a special and moldable plastic material, so you can mold it after your own shin. The shin guards are so light, that you barely even notice you are wearing them. At the same time, they give you the optimal protection as well as freedom of movement, so you can feel safe on the pitch.

The world's first medically approved football sock

The innovative inner pocket which holds the shin guard in place without the use of sock tape combined with the medically approved compression, ensures you an optimal blood flow, so you can perform in even more high-intensity situations.

The highest purpose of the sock is to help you reach your maximum level. For this we have developed unique functions, which you can read more about under "description".