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Glu-Tech Inner Tight

Be ready from start to end in our new GLU-TECH innertight that is developed with a three-piece construction

Warmth and fewer vibrations

Studies have shown that most injuries occur in the first or the last 15 minutes of a practice or a match. The injuries in the beginning often happen due to a lack of warm-up. We've constructed the material around the thighs to provide faster heat to your muscles. This is crucial if you want to be at your maximum from the beginning of the match. Furthermore, We've provided the material with a light sports compression. This is to increase the blood flow as well as reduce vibrations and microtraumas in the muscles tissues. That way, your muscles are ready at the end of the practice or the game.

Breathability and flexibility

Having maximum power in your changes in directions takes a lot of mobility. Therefore we’ve done our absolute best to create optimum mobility and movement. We’ve designed the groin in a thin and flexible material that is also highly breathable. Due to its delicate and flexible construction, the material is see-through and thus NOT squat proof. They are only intended for use underneath shorts.

Innovative hip technology

The GLU-TECH innertight is developed with our known innovative hip technology. The technology consists of an elastic that provides a constant pressure on the glutes to facilitate the muscles around the hips and thereby assist for better stability in the hips.

Excellent hip stability reduces the risk of excessive loading on both your knees and feet and, thereby, injuries.