Liiteguard RE-LIITE T-SHIRT (Men) T-shirts BLACK
Liiteguard RE-LIITE T-SHIRT (Men) T-shirts BLACK
Liiteguard RE-LIITE T-SHIRT (Men) T-shirts BLACK
Liiteguard RE-LIITE T-SHIRT (Men) T-shirts BLACK
Liiteguard RE-LIITE T-SHIRT (Men) T-shirts BLACK


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Don't let the heat get to your head! The RE-LIITE t-shirt is for the athlete, who wants a functional t-shirt, which has been developed so you can "BEAT THE HEAT" in responsible materials, which also leads to the name of the product line: RE-LIITE - REcycled LIITEguard.

Responsible Sportsclothe by Liiteguard


We perform at our best, when we don’t have it too hot. When the pulse increases and the body temperature rises, sweat production will start, to cool off the body - however, if you are unable to get rid of the sweat, you will heat up even more, and with a higher pulse comes a higher risk of fatigue and in the worst case dehydration. Furthermore, your body uses a lot of energy in trying to cool off with sweat, which we, instead, help you use for your performance!
For this, we have chosen to create our t-shirts in a COOLMAX fabric, with extremely high moisture wicking capabilites without the use of cemical treatmens. This gives the t-shirt a lifelong ability to transfer the sweat away from your skin.
Additionally we have also constructed a seamless mesh panel on your back, so you can get the benefit of maximum ventilation without irritating seams.

Dry, set, go…

A disadvantage of sweating is that when you’re standing still, you can quickly begin freezing. But you don’t need to worry about this, as our new fabric is extremely fast drying, so you don’t have to change to another t-shirt in the break

From 0 to 100 in responsible materials

We always strive to find new materials which are both extremely durable as well as recycled, as it means a lot to us, to reduce overproduction. Because of that, you get a t-shirt in 100% recycled polyester.
Aside from focusing on recycling, we are also aware that some of the harsh strain we put on the environment comes from how often we wash our clothes. Here, you will experience that by hanging your t-shirt on a hanger in the free air, you can extend the use of your t-shirt by a lot, before it will need to be washed again.
Last but not least, will the moisture wicking capabilities of the t-shirt not diminish, as these are a feature of the fabric instead of achieved with chemical treatments.

Max cool with CoolMax

Model 1 is 188cm tall, chest - 106 cm, waist - 85 cm, hip - 102 cm and is wearing a size L

Model 2 is 175cm tall, chest - 99 cm, waist - 82 cm, hip - 101 cm and is wearing a size M

- 100% Recycled polyester
- ECO-COOLMAX materials
- Seamless mesh border
- Light and breathable material
- Unbeatable moisture wicking capabilities
- Fast drying
- Carbon reflex

- Care instructions: 
From 0-100 in
Responsible materials

We know, that our need for washing clothes, is one of the biggest strains we put on the environment.
Because of this, we have developed our RE-LIITE collection in COOLMAX, which is a special fiber construction with especially high moisture wicking capabilities. The fast moisture wicking helps get rid of sweat faster, and lessens odours. As such you will see, that by hanging your RE-LIITE clothing out to dry in the air and wind, you can significantly extend the time before another wash is needed!

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