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Article: From sport injuries to award-winning products - liiteGuard honored with two ISPO Awards

From sport injuries to award-winning products - liiteGuard honored with two ISPO Awards

From sport injuries to award-winning products - liiteGuard honored with two ISPO Awards

DENMARK, Aarhus (November 2023) - Danish functional sportswear company liiteGuard has won two prestigious ISPO Awards. The award-winning products PERFORMANCE KIT with moldable shin guards and GLU-TECH running tights are developed together with professional athletes by athletes in line with the company's product development philosophy. The ISPO Award is a prize given to outstandingly innovative sports products and acts as a prestigious recognition within the sports and outdoor community.


Passion for sports

liiteGuard was founded by a former professional football player Christopher Geertsen and a sports physiotherapist Nicklas Falkesgaard. Their mission was to create products that prevent and solve the most common sports-related injuries, that many athletes are facing. Understanding the connection between the sports equipment and athletes’ performance comes from many years of personal commitment to professional sport from different perspectives. Knowledge is based on the founders own first-hand experiences, shared insights, and ambitious product development.

liiteGuard is pursuing to spread “more sport, more joy” -message through their innovative and uncompromising sportswear products that meet the expectations of a demanding customer, be it an elite athlete or an enthusiastic amateur. The collection consists of functional running and training apparel and accessories and will be presented in ISPO Munich November 28-30, 2023.

For us sport is more than just an activity. It’s a way of life that we want to cherish. Our products are designed to help athletes and enthusiasts stay healthy and reach their full potential, regardless of their skill level. We want to be at the forefront of sports brands that prioritize athlete wellbeing”, Christopher Geertsen describes.


PERFORMANCE KIT - Worlds first ever moldable shin guard

Consisting of combinable technical socks and shin guards, PERFORMANCE KIT is the first ever product offering all the benefits of functional football sock and customized shin guard. The socks featuring graduated compression to support the blood circulation come with an easy-to-use inside pocket for the shin guard. Extremely light weight, yet highly protective shin guards are moldable in 58–62- degree Celsius hot water and can be easily formed to fit users’ own shins. Silicone spots in the sole of the sock provide good grip inside the shoe and offer stability during fast runs and changes of direction.


GLU-TECH TIGHTS - Running tights proven by science

Designed for running and active training, GLU-TECH TIGHTS feature innovative elastic hip stabilizing waist, which activates the gluteal muscles and supports lower back for better running position and prevention of hip, knee, and foot injuries. Patent pending construction was tested by a thesis study in Aalborg University with good results: the average internal rotation of the hip was reduced by 46% and the hip inwards (adduction) movement was reduced by an average of 5.4%. The study also revealed that the lateral pelvis drop, which refers to which extend the hip is moved or dropped to the side during the stance phase in running, was reduced by 12% in average.

Additionally, the compression material of the tights supports the muscles and improves blood flow during the exercise. Four-way stretch fabric with good moisture wicking properties, flat seams and hidden side pockets ensure the ultimate mobility and comfort.

“One of the most common causes of knee problems is weakness or instability in the hip. A study in a thesis project carried out at Aalborg University indicates that these tights genuinely improve hip stability by reducing the internal rotation of the hip and inward movement during a run, directly addressing the infamous runner’s knee issue” Christopher Geertsen explains.


liiteGuard joins ISPO

liiteGuard award-winning products and entire 2024 collection are presented in ISPO Munich, November 28- 30, 2023. Location; Stand 3 in Hall B1. More information about the products can be found here:

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Glu-Tech Tights by liiteGuard

ISPO Award Winner 2023: Performance Kit by liiteGuard

Christopher Geertsen, tel. +45 26276102, email:

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