Liiteguard SHIN-TECH sleeve Leg sleeve WHITE
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH sleeve Leg sleeve WHITE
Liiteguard SHIN-TECH sleeve Leg sleeve WHITE


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A medically approved compression sleeve well suited for the runner who wants to perform at their maximum every time. The compression sleeve is equipped with an innovative silicone pattern along the shin, stimulating blood flow and helping to prevent shin splints. Moreover, the sleeve is developed with an additional compression around the Achilles tendon, which supports and reduces the risk of swelling and pain in the Achilles tendon during training.

Achilles tendon compression.

The sleeve is developed to support your Achilles tendon, which is exposed to constant vibrations during physical activity. Increased compression directly at the Achilles’ tendon, reduces possible pain under and after your activity, and simultaneously prevents possible swelling.

Focus on shin pain

With the graduated class II compression, the compression sleeve ensures optimal circulation in the lower leg. This can counteract sore and tired calves and thereby reduce the time needed for recovery after physical activity.

The compression sleeve is developed with an interior silicone pattern placed strategically on the sides of the shin - right where you often experience pain related to shin splints. This silicone pattern creates a micro-massaging effect on the muscles and the tissue in the area around the shin. This effect helps to increase blood circulation and can thereby be a factor in alleviating the pain which occurs with shin splints.


At Liiteguard, we are always looking to improve on our responsible initiatives. We have developed our SHIN-TECH SLEEVE in 47% recycled nylon sourced from surplus waste from other textile productions.

- 47 % recycled materials
- Gradual compression, to ensure optimal blood flow
- Shin technology to relieves pain in the lower leg and minimize the risk of shin splints
- Achilles tendon compression, designed to help reduce pain and inflammation in the tendon during and after activity
- Moisture-wicking fabric which ensures an optimal transport of sweat
- Improved restitution helps your legs after activity
- Can be tumble dried

- Care instructions: Care instructions for socks
To prevent shin splints

Shin splints are an injury that frequently occurs for runners, especially those who train indoors or on similarly hard surfaces.
The SHIN-TECH SLEEVE has been developed with our innovative silicone patterning, which is uniquely designed to stimulate blood flow in the tissue along the shin and help prevent and alleviate shin splints.

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