Responsible initiatives, that warms in just the right way.

In Liiteguard we develop our products with a big focus on responsible initiatives and elements, without compromising functionality or quality.

Genbrugsplast udvundet fra flasker og fiskenet Fair løn for fair arbejde Lang holdbarhed Miljøskånsomme produkter Ingen skadelige stoffer

We consider sustainability and social responsibility as an important element from our idea development until the products end up in the shops and in your home.

Responsible, fair sportswear means doing more, with less!

In Liiteguard, we take part in the UN's world goals towards a sustainable future with a strong focus on goals no. 3 and no. 12.

- Through the use of sustainable and recyclable materials, we ensure a reduced resource consumption

- By using durable materials, we create a change in overconsumption and overproduction

- Through our products and community, we encourage an active lifestyle and good conditions for good health. More sports create more joy in life

- We develop our products with a focus on functionality and do not compromise on the highest level of sporting performance

Responsibility and the clothing industry are two words that are not normally associated with each other - but we at Liiteguard change that.

As part of the clothing industry, we feel a great responsibility to use sustainable materials, and at the same time take into account the challenges and consequences that the clothing industry's production has for the environment now, but also in a long-term perspective. That is why we are constantly looking for new, innovative solutions to become even more sustainable.

Less waste in the oceans!

One of the most talked about environmental issues is waste in the oceans. Here, plastic in particular is a problem that accounts for up to 90% of the total waste, and which takes nature up to 500 years to decompose. In Liiteguard, we make an effort to solve the problem. We believe that you should utilize the resources that have already been produced, rather than produce new ones - something we have incorporated into our thinking and in the production of our products, and therefore our new innovative tights consist of as much as 75% recycled plastic and fishing nets collected from the sea. The vast majority of plastic bottles consist of the fabric polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is easy to recycle and transform into nylon yarn. For you, this means that when you buy a pair of tights from Liiteguard, you are helping to remove 70 plastic bottles from the sea, which we recycle.

With a large amount of recycled material, our tights qualify for the Global Recycled Standard certificate, which we are very proud of.

From plastic to performance!

The plastic collected from the sea is thoroughly cleaned, after which it is crushed into many microscopic pieces. The crushed pieces are melted and drawn into ultra-thin plastic fibers from which nylon yarn is extracted.

In addition to the sustainable and climate-friendly advantage, the recycled nylon material also contributes to a sublime durability that ensures that our tights are extremely resistant to wear. At the same time, we have made sure that the material lives up to our comfort standards, so you get the best experience when you train!

A safe work environment during production!

In Liiteguard, it is a top priority that the people who produce our products work in a safe working environment under good and fair working conditions. To ensure these conditions, our products are manufactured in SA8000 certified factories. With the certificate, we ensure a working environment without discrimination, a fair wage and good working hours for the people who make an effort every day to help us create the best possible products for you.

We distance ourselves from harmful substances

The fabrics in our tights have no harmful substances. You can be sure that our tights have been tested for harmful substances and that the material therefore has no negative impact on your health. When you buy tights from Liiteguard, you only have to concentrate on training - We take care of the rest!

We give back to nature!

46% of the earth's forests have been destroyed, and today approx. 13 million hectares of forest annually worldwide - a size corresponding to an area of almost three times the size of Denmark. In Liiteguard, we work with the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted to support the development of replanting in the world's vulnerable forest areas. When you buy a pair of tights from Liiteguard, OneTreePlanted takes care of planting a tree and rebuilding exposed forest areas.

THANK YOU for helping us take care of nature

A responsible shin guard

Liiteguard's shin guard is not only the world's first moldable shin guard - it's also sustainable. A football player buys an average of 4 pairs of shin guards during his career. Our unique shin guard has the property that it can be reshaped as many times as you want, and thus you as a football player can have one set of shin guards for the rest of your life. Our shin guards weigh an average of 200 grams, which means that you save the environment on average 800 grams of plastic per. football player when you buy your shin guards from Liiteguard. Another unique feature of Liiteguard's shin guard is that it does not need sock tape when placed in our Performance Sock. A football player uses an average of 4 meters of sock tape per game and plays an average of 40 games in a season. When you as a football player buy a Performance Kit from Liiteguard, you save the environment an average of 160 meters of sock tape per year. That’s a win!