There are many ways to be responsible, and in liiteGuard we have a special focus on the following...

We develop our products with a big focus on responsible initiatives and elements without compromising function or quality.

Responsible sportswear means doing more with fewer resources

At Liiteguard, we care about the UN's world goals for a sustainable future. We have a clear focus on goals numbers 3 and 12.

- Through the use of responsible and recyclable materials, we reduce resource consumption

- By using durable materials, which enables a longer lifetime of the products, we reduce overconsumption and overproduction

- Through our products and community, we encourage an active lifestyle and the conditions for good health. More sport creates more joy in life

- Our products are developed with a focus on functionality. We do not compromise on the highest level of sporting performance


“Responsibility” and the “clothing industry” are two things not normally associated with one other - but we at liiteGuard are attempting to change that.

As part of the clothing industry, we feel a responsibility to use responsible materials and to take into account the challenges and consequences of the clothing industry's production on the environment now, as well as in the long run. That is why we are always looking for new, innovative solutions to become even more responsible, on this journey without an end, and we promise to do our utmost to become even better.

Recycled materials

For us, responsibility means to reuse existing resources which have already been produced, such as PET bottles as well as waste from production.

In Liiteguard we have a goal of reaching a minimum of 70% recycled materials in our products by 2025. In the first part of 2023 we reached 60,53%. The main part of our recycled materials are made from PET bottles as well as waste from production.

We are constantly researching in new materials, and in 2023 we will be launching a new material, which is also focused on being more responsible.

We also have a goal for 2024 of having all of our polybags be made of recycled plastic.

From plastic to performance!

We are not getting around the fact, that a lot of our sportswear is made of polyester, which comes from plastic, regardless of whether or not it is recycled plastic. However that doesn't mean, that polyester does not have some advantages, among others being its' durability and possibilities of increasing performance through high breathability and increased moisture wicking.

At the same time we have ensured the materials lives up to our comfort standards, so you can get the best experience during your training!


At liiteGuard we work with health and responsibility across the entire organization. This also applies to the use of safe chemicals, during the production of our products. It's important for us, that healthy and responsible production is prioritised highly, when we develop and design new products.

We are aware, that the textile industry uses large amounts of chemicals, which emphasizes why it's even more important for us to set high requirements to the responsible handling of these. That is why it is also a fundamental element in our work of creating a more responsible future.

In the same way we are setting high expectations for our products' performance, we also set expectations for the use of safer and better chemicals. In the EU, the use of the REACH chemical regulation is a lawful requirement.

It is the EU's foundational chemical regulations, which have the purpose of regulating the production and use of chemicals within the EU. The purpose of REACH is, among other things, to improve the products sold in the EU, and ensure they are not harmful for neither human health or the environment.

At liiteGuard we aim to be even more ambitious, because of that, all of our suppliers make use of AFIRM GROUP’s (Apparel
and Footwear International RSL Management Working Group) Restricted Substances List. AFIRM Group's Restricted Substances List is a high standard, which aside from containing the REACH Substances of Very high Concern as well as California Proposition 65 Substances along with others, sets high and comprehensive requirements to the use of better and safer chemicals.

At liiteGuard we constantly seek to improve, and are therefore always aiming for a more responsible future. We believe the use of AFIRM GROUP's Restricted Substances List is a step towards a more responsible productions with better and safer chemicals. This gives our customers a healthier, more responsible and therefore better product.

A safe work environment during production

At liiteGuard, it is a top priority that the people who produce our products work in safe environments, with fair work conditions. To ensure these conditions, our products are manufactured in SA8000 certified factories or if they have been BSCI or Sedex audited. With thes requirements, we ensure a good working environment for the people who help us create the best possible products for you.

Distance ourselves to harmful substances

We do not work with suppliers who have not signed our Code of Conduct, among which is our chemicals policy.

You can read our chemicals policy above, and it has been created with the purpose of setting higher standards than the bare minimum.

We give back to nature!

In liiteGuard we can not get around the fact, that we use cardboard and paper, for example in our packagings. We do however do what we can, to do it in a responsible way.

All of our shipping bags and boxes from our warehouse to our customers are FSC approved. In 2022 we set a goal of making all of our tights packagings FSC approved by the end of 2023.

At liiteGuard, we work with the non-profit organization OneTreePlanted to support replanting in the world's most vulnerable forest areas.

Our goal is to have planted 50.000 trees with OneTreePlanted by the end of 2024.

THANK YOU for helping us to take care of nature

A sustainable shin guard

Liiteguard's shin guard is not only the world's first mouldable shin guard - but it's also responsible. A football player buys an average of 4 pairs of shin guards during their career. Our unique shin guard can be reshaped as many times as you want, and you, as a football player, can have one set of shin guards for the rest of your life. Our shin guards weigh an average of 200 grams, which means that you save the environment on average 800 grams of plastic over your football playing career. Another unique feature of Liiteguard's shin guard is that it does not need sock tape when placed in our Performance Sock. A football player uses an average of 4 meters of sock tape per game and plays an average of 40 games in a season. When you as a football player buy a Performance Kit from Liiteguard, you save the environment an average of 160 meters of sock tape per year. That’s a win!