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Fewer breaks!

You may know the feeling of having tired legs and need to be replaced. With the new Liiteguard socks you get the opportunity to be able to do more on the pitch, and be decisive for several minutes.

Better contact with the court!

Get a better sense of the placement of your feet through an optimal fit, which gives you maximum contact with the shoes and substrate.

Get sharper turns

With Liiteguards socks you avoid slipping around and get the opportunity to become even sharper in your twists and feints.

Keep your momentum!

When you come out on the bench, your muscles will automatically get cold. But with liiteguards socks stay warm and are 100% ready to be switched back in

Is it worth it to be injured??

Injuries can determine whether you can reach your full potential and achieve the goals you've set yourself. Because with an injury you reduce your hours on the pitch where you could spend your time achieving your goals.

Reduce Achilles tendon soreness

As a handball player, you are exposed to many harmful vibrations due to the hard hall floor. These help to damage your achilles tendon during landings and set-offs. With Liiteguard's achilles tendon technology, you get maximum support around your achilles tendon.

Reduce ankle twists

Be confident in your steps and changes of direction!

The new ankle technology from Liiteguard is designed specifically to provide an increased heat around your muscles and tendons, as well as keep your ankle stable.

Reduce shin splints

As with achilles tendon soreness, as a handball player you are exposed to tibia inflammation due to the hard hall floor.

The new tibia technology from Liiteguard is designed to reduce this

Much more than just handball socks

You will have the opportunity to get 2 unique handball socks specially designed to optimize your game on the court

Medically approved compression

In Liiteguards SHIN-TECH And PRO-TECH   socks we use the latest techniques inside for compression technology. This means that SHIN-TECH is knitted as graduated compression within medical class II.

This type of compression has an amplifying effect on vein pump function. This means that it increases blood circulation and helps to oxygenate the blood and get waste materials out of the muscles more quickly.

Compression as a whole also has the effect that muscles become hot faster during activity which helps prevent injuries.

In addition, in both products you will find an additional compression located at the Achilles tendon. This reinforcement is designed to alleviate the vibrations that will occur in the tendon during activity. These vibrations create microtrauma in the Achilles tendonand are one of the major factors in the emergence of tenderness and Achilles tendon inflammation. Therefore, reducing vibrations also inhibits the damage-provoking fluid accumulations of Achilles.

Innovative ankle technology

To combat ankle injuries, there are two factors that are important. One is mechanical support,the other is sensory feedback.

Mechanical support can be found in all compression products from Liiteguard . The support itself comes from the textile and the pressure it forms on the ankle. This provides extra security and stability when you get into outer positions. 

We have PRO-TECH sock tried to increase the sensorical feedback you get around your ankle, via the technology built into the sock. Through local tightness and small stimulations from the inner silicone, we want to increase the sensory inputso that your brain has the best conditions to perform an action. Specifically, we want to increase your ability to protect your ankle when you exercise, as the increased sensory feedback gives you a better sense of your foot position. Especially if it is moving into an outer position which could potentially be harmful.

Innovative shin technology

On the inside of the SHIN-TECH on both sides of the tibia is a punctured silicone coatingwhich is located in the areas where you experience pain if you suffer from tibia inflammation. The silicone should stimulate the muscles and tendons that sit close to the braces,thereby alleviating the pain that can occur during handball activity. 

If you suffer from tibia inflammation, you will typically find that the impact during running causes a pain reaction, and the local stimulation of muscles and tendons, combined with compression, which reduces oscillations in the tissue, can alleviate this.

Non-slip sole and moisture wicking material

In all Liiteguard products you will find a non-slip sole to ensure an optimal grip in your handball shoes. 

The sole has a punctured silicone coating. This creates a friction with the sole in the shoe, which makes you stand better, giving a better contact with the shoe and substrate.

The socks are also made of a material that transports sweat faster away from the skin than cotton, which is in many normal handball socks. This keeps your foot drier dry, and combined with the silicone coating, this minimizes the risk of blisters significantly.