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GLU-TECH HOT winter tights

Experience the ultimate comfort, warmth and support in our GLU-TECH HOT winter tights.
The tights is still equipped with all of the fantastic functions such as: our innovative hip technology, material in four way stretch and extra moisture wicking fabric. Furthermore, they’re designed with a brushed material on the inside to keep you warm during the coldest workouts. We’ve of course preserved the elegant fit so you can perform at your best during running and fitness.

Optimal warmth for your legs

Cold has a cooling effect on the tissue in the body, which leads to the muscles and tendons becoming stiffer and less flexible. This has a negative influence on our ability to use our bodies freely. Therefore we’ve constructed our GLU-TECH HOT winter tights with a brushed material on the inside to keep you warm during workouts in colder temperatures. Furthermore, the tight is designed with optimum moisture-wicking fabric that’ll lead the sweat away from your body to reduce the risk of cooling. Perform your best, even during the coldest workouts.

Innovative technology against knee injuries

Knee pains often originate from the hip due to a lack of strength and stability, resulting in the hip becoming unstable during exercise. This instability can cause pain and injury to the hip, knee, and lower leg.
Our tights are developed with an innovative band with the purpose of giving you better stability and stronger support. Stability is vital to reduce the risk of overloading in the knee and foot. Read more about the technology under "description."

Functionality without compromise

GLU-TECH has one purpose - to help you with the extra percentages. For this, we have developed 6 unique features. Read more under "description".