We are proud to announce that Dani Alves has joined Liiteguard. Dani Alves, throughout his long career in professional football, always had a focus on taking care of his body. This is the focus at Liiteguard and it goes right to our very core.

What makes the world's winningest footballer invest time and money in a small Danish start-up sports brand? Often, financial incentives are a big motivator, but Dani, as both the footballer and the man, Dani Alves is unlike the rest.

To better understand Dani's motivation, we need to look back his upbringing in Brazil.


Dani Alves comes from humble beginnings. In his early days, he slept on a hard concrete floor and had a 20-kilometre journey to the nearest football pitch. Every day, Dani had to run this long journey to football training. For others, this would be an insurmountable obstacle. But not so for Dani. He saw it as an important life lesson about the importance of hard work and dedication in achieving goals. As he puts it; “You might be ranked 51st in skills, but you are going to be no.1 or 2 in drive”. It is this drive that Dani saw in Liiteguard and its founders, Christopher Geertsen and Nicklas Pedersen.

Those who have seen Dani Alves on the big stage over the past 20 years know that he lives by the mantra "where there’s a will, there’s a way". Hard work and dedication are important, but ability is also required. It is the exact combination of will and ability that has helped 39-year-old Dani Alves stay on top, winning no fewer than 43 titles over a long and illustrious career. That makes him the winning footballer ever.


The first meeting between Liiteguard and Dani Alves occurred by chance. Our PRO-TECH stock ended up in the PSG dressing room, where Dani was playing at the time. The socks made a significant difference to Dani and ended up becoming a permanent part of his wardrobe. The socks meant so much to Dani that, they, along with his football boots, were all he took with him when leaving PSG for Juventus.

As Dani Alves became a fan of our functional socks, we were in the process of developing brand-new inner tights to challenge the alternatives on the market. Our focus was specifically on hamstring injuries and lumbar and hip support. It was heaven-sent for Dani Alves, who had started to suffer from multiple issues in these areas. Again, Dani turned to Liiteguard products for help. And our shorts found a permanent place in his sports bag.


With Dani Alves now a fan of Liiteguard products, he invited the team to meet with him in Barcelona, where he was making a mark. Dani wanted to know more about the people behind the products that he felt made such a huge difference to him. Who were Liiteguard?

Christopher Geertsen explained the Liiteguard vision. The vision was – and is - to use functional sportswear to support professional and recreational athletes in achieving fulfilment through sport, without injury.

It was injury that brought Christopher and our other co-founder Nicklas Pedersen together and was the launch point for a brand that supports athletes’ bodies.

Dani knew Christopher's words were from the heart because he had felt that support in his own body.


Dani, like the rest of the Liiteguard team, is passionate about promoting sustainability. At Liiteguard, we aim to use recyclable materials in our products, wherever possible. Our business model is about high-quality production and not over-consumption through fast fashion.

Dani embraced Liiteguard's focus on performance and our desire to challenge the status quo. Our responsible production practices were simply the icing on the cake for Dani. We are very excited that he is now part of Liiteguard’s group of owners.

We have a long journey ahead at Liiteguard. With Dani on board, we are now one step closer to our vision of ensuring that everyone can play the sport they love.

“I want to be a part of Liiteguard as I know with pride, that one or several people out there get a better possibility to chase their dreams.”

- Dani Alves

"They became my family because they showed me what their products could do to my performance."