Liiteguard PRO-TECH Strømper MØRKERØD
Liiteguard PRO-TECH Strømper MØRKERØD
Liiteguard PRO-TECH Strømper MØRKERØD
Liiteguard PRO-TECH Strømper MØRKERØD


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The sock is a compression sock, with gradual compression. This means the sock is tightest in the foot, while the compression decreases in the remainder of the sock, and is the least at the top. This ensures an optimal flow of blood back toward the heart.See how to put the sock on here

On the inside of the sock by both ankle knobs there are small silicone buds. These are placed in a certain way and cover the liginting on both sides of the ankle. Their function is to increase blood circulation in the area, as well as to increase the sensory feedback from the skin to the brain. This makes it easier and quicker for you to feel changes in the position of the foot, thereby increasing the possibility of correcting your motions if you are twisting dangerously.

At the same time, the silicone on the inside has the effect that the sock fits closer and thus moves less than normal socks, which overall gives a sensation of a sock that supports around the ankle and at the same time stays seated where it should, for maximum comfort throughout the game.

There is a reinforcement by the Achilles Tendon where there is increased compression. Studies have shown compression applied directly on the Achilles Tendon can alleviate pain during and after activity, related to the Achilles tendon. The compression prevents the Achilles Tendon from swelling, and also provides a support that protects against the constant vibrations experienced in the tendon during activity.

The sole has a dotted silicone coating that extends from the front foot to the back of the heel. This creates friction with the sole in the boot, which makes your grip in the boot more solid, providing better contact to the boot and the floor. The sock itself is made from a material called SoftAir Plus, which transports sweat faster away from the skin than cotton or other synthetic materials. This keeps your foot drier, and combined with the silicone coating, minimizes the risk of blisters.

The sock is made of the SoftAir material, which in addition to a sublime comfort also ensures optimum sweat transportation. SoftAir transports sweat 4 times as much as regular cotton, and combined with the non-slip sole, the risk of blisters is significantly reduced.


To prevent ankle injuries

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