Liiteguard PERFORMANCE SLEEVE - KIT Leg sleeve RED
Liiteguard PERFORMANCE SLEEVE - KIT Leg sleeve RED


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Our PERFORMANCE SLEEVE KIT contains football sleeves with compression, along with mouldable shin guards. The PERFORMANCE SLEEVE KIT has been developed for the footballer who wants every edge from their equipment.

Moldable shin guard

The unique shin guard is made of a special plastic material with a low melting point. The special type of plastic becomes moldable already at 62 degrees, which means that in a few seconds you can easily mold a shin guard that fits uniquely to the dimensions of your leg.
All you need to mold the shin guard, is boiling water and a refractory dish. So you can easily and quickly get on the pitch with your specially molded shin guards.
Once the shin guard is molded, you can cut and adjust it to the desired size. With our moldable shin guard, you get maximum comfort and a perfect fit.
For maximum shock absorption, foam can be applied to the inside of the shin guard. NOTE: if the foam is applied, the shin guard cannot beremolded.

The sleeve

The sleeve is a compression sleeve which increases circulation in the lower leg. This can relieve fatigue and reduce discomfort during and after strenuous physical activity. The weaving technique used is the latest on the market, and ensures that the sleeve provides maximum support, so you get the comfort you need to be able to perform your best.

Achilles tendon compression

The sleeve is designed to support your Achilles tendon, which is exposed to constant vibrations during physical activity. Increased compression directly on the Achilles tendon reduces pain during and after your activity, while preventing possible swelling.

The Pocket

The sleeve is equipped with an internal pocket that holds your shin guard in place without the use of sock tape or underwrap. The pocket has a lower border, which means that your shin guard will never slide down. At the same time, the general compression in the sleeve ensures the shin guard stays stable no matter how much you run, kick and tackle.

- Gradual compression, which ensures optimal blood flow

- Built in inner pocket for your shin guards

- Achilles tendon compression, which helps reduce pain and inflammation in the tendon during and after activity

- Moisture wicking fabric which ensures an optimal transport of sweat

- Increased restitution helps your legs after activity

- Can be tumble dried

- Care instructions: Care instructions for socks

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